Birds of the Central Flyway

America’s Flyways

Traveling Exhibit

During 2019, Overland Traveling Exhibits will be rolling out a series of traveling exhibits examining America’s Flyways — the migratory paths that birds take across Mexico, through the continental United States, and in many cases, on to the far northern reaches of Alaska and Canada. Ornithologists have identified four key flyways that birds use for migration:

  • The Pacific Flyway, along the west coast of North America;
  • The Central Flyway, which runs from the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains to the Missouri River;
  • The Mississippi Flyway, which follows the Mississippi River;
  • The Atlantic Flyway, which runs inland from the east coast.

Each individual Flyway will be made available as a stand-alone exhibit. Flyway exhibits also work together, so can rent one, two, three, or all four Flyways exhibits once they are available!

DURATION 7 weeks
TARGET AUDIENCE Ages 10 and above
TOURING DATES January 2019 –

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Birds of the Central Flyway

Folks call it “flyover country”: the vast swath of land between the Mississippi River to the east and the Sierra Madres to the west, spanning from the northernmost reaches of the Dakotas and into Canada, then south to the Texas-Mexico border and beyond. When thinking about their next trip or next home, people from the coasts tend to skip over the Great Plains and Mountain West, thinking that the mountains and prairie won’t have much on offer in terms of food, shelter, or opportunities for expansion.

But the birds know better. From the tiniest towhee to the biggest crane, for a season, a stopover, or a lifetime, a dazzling array of bird species depend on the food and shelter available to them in what is known as the Central Flyway. Expansive wetlands, towering mountains, vast prairies, secluded woodlands, arid deserts, and twisting riverbanks meet the varied needs of over 400 migrating bird species, as well as hundreds more species that make the Central Flyway their permanent home.

Overland Traveling Exhibits’ newest offering Birds of the Central Flyway provides an overview of the challenging lives and journeys these feathered residents make all across “flyover country.” Contact Overland to reserve the exhibit today!

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Pacific Flyway map

Pacific Flyway

Diverse and expansive, extending from the tip of South America to the Arctic Circle, nearly a billion birds travel some length of the Pacific Flyway every year. But with water in short supply and habitat at risk, the birds of the Pacific Flyway face profound challenges in the 21st century. This exhibit explores the incredible birds and unique habitats of this incredible flyway.

Mississippi Flyway map

Mississippi Flyway

From the outlet of America’s greatest river—the Mississippi—all the way north to the Hudson Bay and beyond, the Mississippi Flyway features some of the most striking and recognizable geography in North America, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast and, of course, the mighty Mississippi. The many bird species that travel this flyway are equally remarkable and intriguing.

Atlantic Flyway map

Atlantic Flyway

Home to some of North America’s largest population centers and most vital cultural enclaves, the Atlantic Flyway also plays host to a vast array of fascinating (and sometimes fragile) bird species. From the feasting falcons of New York City to the rare terns of the sandy Atlantic bays, from warblers in the Appalachians to ducks in the Potomac, the Atlantic Flyway is busy with bird life.

America's Flyways Schedule

DatesCentral FlywayPacific FlywayMississippi FlywayAtlantic Flyway
August 29 – October 22, 2019Reserve it!
October 24 – December 17, 2019Reserve it!Reserve it!
December 19, 2019 – February 11, 2020Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!
February 13 – April 7, 2020Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!
April 9 – June 2, 2020Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!
June 4 – July 28, 2020Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!
July 30 – September 22, 2020Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!
September 24 – November 17, 2020Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!Reserve it!

For future dates, please contact us.


“Flint Hills Design produces meticulously researched exhibits that are thoughtful, compelling, evocative, and beautifully crafted. Always mindful of visitor experience and museum resources, their exacting standards are on display with every exhibit they create.”

Jami Frazier Tracy
Curator of Collections, The Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum

Frequently Asked Questions about America’s Flyways

What is required to lock in our reservation?

A verbal commitment gets you started (we put the PENDING notification on the calendar), but we require a deposit and a signed hosting agreement to lock it in for sure. If you’re thinking about reserving a date, let us know and we’ll hold it for you until you can get approval for payment.

How does the exhibit travel?

The Flyways exhibit travels by common carrier. It’s easy to set up, break down, and because the shipping containers transform into exhibit components, you don’t need to worry about arranging storage for bulky crates!

We’re not a museum, but we’d still like to host the traveling exhibit. Is that possible?

You certainly don’t have to be a museum to host the exhibit, or even a non-profit. So long as you have the space and meet the basic security requirements, you can be a valid host. Please send us a message letting us know your situation and we’ll get the process started!

I’d like to follow along on future projects that you’re building. What’s the best way to stay in touch?

That’s awesome. We’re glad you like what you see. We post a lot of in-progress photos on Facebook, so like us there to see what’s going on. Also, we’d love it if you would join our mailing list. We only send out the good stuff through there–we’re not fans of excess email. Just fill out this form and you’ll be in!

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